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Our Japanese Citizens Oral History Interviews

 Unprocessed — drawer: 4
Identifier: 2020-002

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Four (4) oral history interviews by Kent Haldan, author of dissertation, "Our Japanese Citizens" (2000) and one (1) video of a 2009 presentation by Kent Haldan in the Presidio Chapel

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Interviews were burned to CDs by Kent Haldan and presented to Anne Petersen in June 2009. Anne Petersen presented them to Archivist Chris Ervin on 2020-02-28. A video recording of Kent Halden's 2009-05-28 talk was included in the set of optical disks.

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8 Optical Disks

10 Electronic files


Eight (8) optical disks labeled: 1) Fukumuras Side A (audio) 2) Fukumuras Side B (audio) 3) Frank Side A (audio) 4) Frank Side B (audio) 5) Tom Tsunoda (audio) 6) Fred Warrecker Side 1 (audio) 7) Fred Warrecker Side 2 (audio) 8) Kent Haldan presentation at Presidio Chapel, May 28, 2009 (video)